Annual Surprise! 101 Prizes Waiting For You Lucky Draw Program

Junction City

Terms & Conditions

  1. Annual Surprise! 101 prizes waiting for you lucky draw program “Lucky Draw Program” will be organized from 2018 August 1st to October 31st at Junction City only.
  2. Customers must be a Junction Rewards Members to participate in this lucky draw program.
  3. Junction Rewards members enjoy additional benefit for using Master Card for payment: Junction Rewards Member who spend with MasterCard will earn double the amount of stickers with spending each day at Junction City’ retailers within the promotion period.
  4. Membership is FREE. Applicants MUST BE 18 years old and above.

How to Participate

  1. To participate in the Lucky Draw Program, collect your lucky draw card at the customer service counter located in Junction City Level 2.
  2. There are 5 different categories in this lucky draw.
  3. Junction rewards member will earn one lucky coupon every time a row of stickers are completed in the lucky draw card.
  4. Collect stickers for all 3 empty slots in a row that represents a category of your choice in the Lucky draw card.
  5. Junction Rewards Members are allowed to collect stickers for any row of preference depending on the receipt amount
  6. Junction rewards member will received sticker equivalent to the total amount of receipts.

(For example: If you’ve purchased an amount of 150,000 Kyats, you may get stickers for slots 50,000 Ks + 50,000 Ks+ 50,000 Ks)

  1. Each receipt must be a minimum of 5,000 Kyats to be eligible for a sticker.
  2. Maximum of 3 same-day receipt can be combined for participation. A receipt is only valid to use once within the same day of purchase from participating retailers in Junction City. (The following are strictly not accepted for instant rewards redemption/lucky draw: receipts from non-profit organizations, child care centers, ATMs, banks and financial institutions, offices, libraries, pushcarts/kiosks/roadshows/atrium fairs and retailers on temporary leases, online purchases, automated kiosks and self-serve queue tickets, tenant voucher/cash card/stored-value card/prepaid SIM card top-up transactions or purchases, money changers, Junction Gift Card purchases, bill or instalment payments/deposits, insurance policy payments, SISTIC ticket purchases, lottery ticket purchases, membership fees and cheque payments.)
  3. New lucky draw cards are available at the customer service counter if an existing lucky draw card is completed.
  4. Lucky draw card and lucky stickers are to be kept carefully to exchange for lucky coupon. Center Management is not responsible for loss or damage by any cause of customers’ lucky draw cards.
  5. The prize must be accepted as awarded and is not transferable, exchangeable for cash or in kind.
  6. Receipts that doesn’t meet the rules and regulations of the lucky draw program, receipts with visible modifications are not eligible to participate in the lucky draw program. Any fraud discovered will be effectively taken action by law.
  7. Non-citizens, with a legal passport number, are eligible to participate in the lucky draw program.
  8. Shwe Taung Real Estate employees, tenants and shop employees are not eligible to participate in all Junction City run lucky draw. Lucky draw chances will be rejected if found and further action will be taken according to the Center Management rules and regulations.


  1. Junction City Center Management reserves the right to donate unclaimed prize to a charity of its choice or replace the prize with an item of similar value at any time and without notice in its absolute discretion.
  2. Junction City Center Management reserves the right to make amendments of the rules and regulations any time and the decision of Junction City Centre Management is final if any disputes arise regarding the Lucky Draw Program.