Special Big Lucky Draw Promotion for every New Member of Junction V-aap

All Junction Centres

You’ll have a chance to win Big Lucky Draw Prizes such as Diamond Ring, Necklace, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s and Junction Gift Vouchers when you sign in as a Junction V-aap Member from 18th to 25th March 2017.

If you want to sign in as a Junction V-aap Member, you can download Junction V-aap Mobile Application not only from Google Play Store but also from App Store.

Lucky Draw Prizes will be announced for every Saturday. So, sign up quickly for Junction V-aap Member Program and Let’s make a see first to our Junction Shopping Centre Facebook Page to be know who will be lucky draw winners.

Lucky Draw Period between 18th and 25th March, Winner will be chosen by Junction Centre Management Team as terms and conditions applied. For further information, you can also make inquiry at Junction Customer Service Counters.